Are your clients presenting with?

  • Difficult behaviors
  • Self harm
  • Suicidality
  • Substance abuse
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Dissociation

Have clients presenting as?

  • To complex to get in to the deeper sessions
  • Not able to access activation
  • Struggling with strong after affects

Reaching the Unreachable with Brainspotting

At the Brainspotting High Acuity Care Initiative (HACBSP), we are striving to increase access to tools, knowledge, and training for those working with some of the populations that are struggling the most and often can’t receive supportive services like many others can.

People struggling with complexities such as developmental trauma, addiction, complex PTSD, major depression, complex grief, suicidality, self-harm and a host of other deeper issues are often not getting the help they need.  They arrive at the different levels of care seeking answers, help, relief and a life line to stay alive but often are unable to get their needs met as therapies and interventions are being used with them that don’t match what their system needs. 

The Brainspotting High Acuity Care Initiative (BSPHAC) was created to empower practitioners and agencies to better use Brainspotting with the individuals that need it the most – those struggling with higher acuities. Over the first 2 years, we worked primarily with adolescent residential agencies to help bring Brainspotting and parallel training to help integrate it into a population that desperately needs Brainspotting. This experience taught us there is a greater need for these skills in a host of different populations and setting so thus the expansion of this initiative to increase its impact.

BSPHAC seeks to provide a one stop shop for practitioners and agencies striving to provide services and support to higher acuity populations.  Here you will find: 

  • Specialized BSP trainings 
  • Information and training for support services such as line staff and supervisors connected to Brainspotting practitioners
  • Online resources that can be accessed in a timeline that is more supportive to busy individuals and agencies
  • Consulting services to help with developing and integrating higher acuity Brainspotting strategies