Our Team

Steve Sawyer Bio

Steve Sawyer is a dually licensed psychotherapist filled with passion and knowledge surrounding the intervention and change process. His experience comes from two decades of intervention with tough to reach client populations in therapy settings ranging from residential, community based, outpatient and wilderness therapy. He is a senior Brainspotting trainer and consultant since 2013.

Jeff Ryan

Jeff Ryan is a dually licensed psychotherapist passionate about helping other especially those with complex struggles including addiction, trauma and dissociation. Consider either his experience comes from working within the field of trauma and addiction at all the levels of care but especially in Wilderness, Residential and Outpatient settings. He is a senior Brainspotting trainer and consultant since 2013.

Erica Hough

Erica is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with experience across diverse high-acuity settings from children’s residential DOC facilities and addiction treatment programs to outpatient care. Specializing in both adolescents and adults, Erica has experience in navigating complex issues such as addictions, attachment, binge eating disorders, and developmental trauma. Erica also enjoys treating populations including first responders, veterans, and those who have experienced trauma in their line of work.

David White

I have a long, varied, and sporadic history working with high acuity populations.

  • 1970 to 1974 work in a residential summer camp for severely emotionally disturbed pre-adolescents under the supervision of the BU School of Education Special Education Department and the BU hospital department of psychiatry.
  • 1974 to 1976 my first full time job was with the BU Mini School, an alternative day school for the same population, and still under the supervision of the BU Hospital Psychiatry Department.
  • 1981 to 1984 Provide crises intervention, individual/ group counseling to students with severe adaptive behavior problems and supervised/consulted with the teaching staff
  • 2001 to 2003 Headmaster of Community Academy an alternative school for middle and high school students whose behavior was too disruptive to keep in the “regular” school population
  • 2004 – 2007 PT counselor and interpersonal dynamics instructor for Villages Without Walls a non-profit agency working with 10 young men and women identified by the Boston Police Department as among the 100 most gang involved youth in the city
  • 2015 Counselor at Cushing House a residential drug treatment program for individuals 16 – 20 years old
  • 2022 Clinical supervisor for drug counselors at a GA State Prison

David White, Ph.D., LADC-I, CADC II, CCTP II, BSP Consultant, FF Health and Wellness Consultant, HeartMath Trauma Certified

Savannah Larson

Savannah graduated from South Dakota State University with a master’s degree in human resource management with an emphasis in clinical mental health in 2021. She started her career as an intern at a residential treatment facility where she became passionate about working with adolescents. Savannah’s start in Brainspotting changed her perspective in how she views the treatment of her clients due to the life changing results this therapeutic modality produces. Her passion continues while utilizing Brainspotting in her work with young people, adolescents, athletes, survivors, and those involved in the agriculture industry.

Caroline Artley

A psychotherapist for 17 years, Caroline Artley started in a community care diversionary setting serving at risk youth in therapeutic foster care and before and after residential treatment. This experience showed her that both clinicians and clinical settings lack effective tools for supporting highly acute youth, and managing their transition out of higher levels of care.  She is excited to assist clinicians and programs in bringing youth from coping to healing and beyond.